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Unlock a world of learning and discovery with our Monthly Sensory Bin Subscription. Every month, your child will receive a thoughtfully curated sensory bin filled with captivating materials that ignite their imagination and senses. What sets us apart is our personalized approach – each subscription includes customized lesson plans tailored to your child's developmental level. From fine motor activities to cognitive challenges, our comprehensive lesson plans cover all domains of growth.


Say goodbye to the hassle of sourcing materials; we provide everything needed for each activity. This subscription not only engages your child in hands-on sensory play but also ensures that their development is nurtured in a fun and strategic way. With our Monthly Sensory Bin Subscription, you're gifting your child a journey of discovery, creativity, and learning that evolves with them month after month.


Included in this subscription:

  • Receive a themed sensory bin every month from our catalog
  • Access personalized lesson plans adapted to your child's developmental stage
  • Evaluate your child's developmental level through a checklist sent upon subscription
  • Regular reevaluation every 6 months, guaranteeing that the learning journey remains aligned with your child's evolving developmental needs.
  • Engage in comprehensive learning with lesson plans spanning language, numeracy, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, art, music, social-emotional development, and exploration of the world
  • Obtain all required resources for the activities outlined in the lesson plans



Measurements: 36cmx24cm


*All products shown in the listings are based off our construction themed sensory bin. 

*Attached lesson plans and checklist are just samples.

* Each product will vary depending on your child's developmental level and theme of sensory bin.



*Please be aware that due to the handmade nature of our products, there is a waiting time of approximately 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order until it is ready for shipment. This time is necessary to meticulously create and assemble your sensory bag, ensuring that it meets our strict quality standards.

PREMIUM Subscription Sensory Bin (Developmentally customized activities)

Price Options
PREMIUM sensory bin
monthly subscription
$45.90every month until canceled
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